Vintage Fall Fashions with Austin Way Magazine & GARMENT Modern + Vintage

We begin with the oh so fashionable and smart Austin Way Magazine, and their new fall issue. Among the many features, the substance and style at Garment and Moss boutiques and the treasures they unearth so that we can treasure them as well. Editor in Chief Kathy Blackwell joined us in the studio along with Garment owner Masha Poloskova with vintage fall finds. You can grab the new fall issue of Austin Way around town right now or go to to check out what’s happening in the latest edition.



Looking Hot While Keeping Cool This Summer
We get going with a stylish publication bringing us sizzling summer tidbits for our fine city. Kathy Blackwell is Editor in Chief of Austin Way Magazine, and Patty Hoffpauir is owner of the lovely and fashionable The Garden Room Boutique.

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